An Insider Look At Sleeping Out

Posted: February 27, 2013 in Interviews and Insights from the Homeless Population


I opened this e-mail last night and was glad to find a new book to add to my Bibliography for this blog journal. This email is from a formerly homeless man who has a blog post and book both titled Homeless Isn’t Hopeless.The books gives a real perspective of how it feels to become homeless. The email contains a link for a free download of the book. I am glad to find such an honest well written account.
Dear Friends,
The second edition of “Homeless Isn’t Hopeless” is now available as an e-book FREE OF CHARGE to anyone and everyone.
This free of charge offer is possible because neither I nor anyone else connected with this project will receive any remuneration, compensation, or reimbursement for expenses.
By making the e-book available at no cost, we hope to widen the reach of “Homeless Isn’t Hopeless” to include those who otherwise might not find room in their budget for the purchase of a book.
We are thinking of the homeless, and those who are living below, or hovering around the poverty line–people who might find encouragement in the book’s message.  There’s an old Kris Kristofferson song, “Why Me, Lord”, that has a line in the lyrics which describes my feelings about providing the book for free. “If I can show someone else, what I’ve been through mysel.”
We are thinking also of libraries, which have seen their budgets slashed, and advocacy groups and charitable organizations, which have seen revenue drop due to the struggling economy.
The “Homeless Isn’t Hopeless” e-book is free to all. Tell your family, friends, and those you work with or come in contact with.  They, like you, need feel no obligation.
But if your circumstances permit, and you wish to help those less fortunate, you can do so by donating to a charitable organization I am familiar with and wholeheartedly endorse for its good works and transparency.  That information, along with information about “Homeless Isn’t Hopeless”, and instructions for free downloading can be viewed by clicking on

Best, as always.      Bill


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