This is a blog that displays one person’s opinion about the causes of homelessness. I Agree!-Donna

The Ups, the Downs, and My Cats.

Alright, I am a BIG dreamer. I am the naive person that gives money to the homeless people, with their cardboard signs. I’ve noticed that most people have absolutely no sympathy for these people. What about you? Do you find yourself avoiding eye contact, feeling bad, thinking if you had cash you’d help..? Or can you completely ignore them all together?

I get it. Most homeless people “deserve it” as some would say. Most homeless people only use the money to get their next fix. They messed up, if they really wanted to fix things, they could get a job. They could go to rehab. Blah blah blah. Wrong.

My father is a 56 year old veteran. He served toward the end of the Vietnam war. After his services, he began a very successful business, wholesaling to other companies. After years and years of building up his company, it was soon a million…

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