Here is a real look at how it sounds when people hit the ground. This is a re blog from Glutin Putin. I will be including other real life accounts from the homeless community to help us understand their situation. – Donna

~*~ Gluten Putin ~*~

So sorry you guys, life is still going horrible but at lease we have a car! We were staying at an Extended Stay hotel for 2 weeks plus 2 days that social services gives you. We are past that but at lease we have a car. My husband was able to get a free room for 1 night-by pulling that out of his butt but it worked!- at a Hyatt and that was cool now we are in a Hilton working our way down to a hotel in Commerce. We have been using to settlement money for the safest, cheapest, kid friendly hotels and we need to stop. We actually needed at apartment weeks ago but at lease we have a car to live in. Yes our car to live in or spending all the rest of the settlement money on a motor home.

You may be asking yourself …

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