Kanuga Conference Center, Hendersonville NC

Kanuga Conference Center, Hendersonville NC (Photo credit: esagor)

I just returned from an exiting weekend in North Carolina with Dr. Peter Hackbert and the Berea College Entrepreneurship for the Public Good Department. I was one of 6 student who traveled to the Kanuga Conference Center for a  Sullivan Foundation Service & Social Entrepreneurship weekend retreat. The energy was at peak levels as students from various colleges worked together to create plans of action to help change the world.

I was able to pitch my idea for a project that inspired the research on this blog. My long term career goals include creating an after care ranch for women getting out of prison. The facility will help prevent these women from becoming homeless and becoming repeat offenders.  There were several social entrepreneurs at the Sullivan Retreat providing feedback, critique and resources relating to my project idea. I am inspired to continue on my path. My ideas were refined and refreshed in this tremendous atmosphere.

Keep reading as I explore the causes of homelessness and entrepreneurial solutions in order to further refine my plan to help end homelessness.


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