Definition of Homelessness

Definition of Homelessness (Photo credit: homelesshub)

Street Sleeper 2 by David Shankbone

Street Sleeper 2 by David Shankbone (Photo credit: Wikipedia)










In my research I will be investigating many possible causes of homelessness. Some of the people who find themselves homeless say that drug addiction was largely to blame. “Substance abuse is both a cause and a result of homelessness, often arising after people lose their housing…Substance abuse is much more common among homeless people than in the general population…Substance abuse is often a cause of homelessness”(Homeless, 2009).

The Greensboro Voice offers accounts from members of the homeless community. “Reggie Johnson… ‘I was working every day at the Four Seasons Mall…I loved my job until I was introduced to drugs…It became so bad that I could not pay my rent, my car loan or keep my job’” (Gilmore). Another interview with Darryl Bowers offers, “I broke the law by selling drugs because I thought that fast money was a way of life for me” (Gilmore).

An article in the New York Times offers “The major role that drug or alcohol abuse plays in causing homelessness has emerged in recent comments by advocates for the homeless, who estimate that addicts constitute a higher proportion of the homeless than do the mentally ill or other identifiable subgroups” (Kolata).

In further discussions on causes of homelessness, I will investigate the drug abuse contributor.


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