Berea College Student Lends a Helping Hand

Posted: March 20, 2013 in Stories
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This is a Facebook message from Angie Lee, my cohort in the Entrepreneurship for the Public Good Program at Berea College. Angie writes to me about her recent experience with a homeless man. To read more from Angie visit her blog at



I stumbled across your blog after the Sullivan Foundation mentioned a post of yours. I just wanted to share an experience I encountered with a man during my spring break. This man was standing on the street corner outside of a restaurant, and he asked my husband and I for a piece of bread. We did not have any food, and told him to wait for us to come back. He began to cry. We raced to the grocery store, afraid that this man would be kicked off of the corner, and brought him some food. When we returned he began to kneel in thanks and cry, but of course we didn’t want him to kneel and asked him to stand. I wondered the rest of the night how this man would have ended up in his situation, and why a soup kitchen or shelter was not available to him.

Keep up the good work on your posts.



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