Art Helping People in Need

Posted: June 26, 2013 in Resources for Homeless

I love this. This recent event was organized to benefit some homeless helping projects. It is a great way of connecting art with helping the homeless. Have a look and follow this link to browse the art. -Donna Reeves

Julie Podstolski - Abstract Realism

Soroptimist International of Fremantle presents the 4th annual Help the Homeless Art Auction at 4.30 pm Saturday 8th June 2013 at Fremantle Town Hall.

I am honoured to be participating in this worthwhile event where invited artists’ works are auctioned to raise money for people who need help in our local community.   The event is run by the Fremantle branch of Soroptimist International.  Who and what are Soroptimists you may ask?  Soroptimist International is a worldwide volunteer organisation for women in management and professions who seek to advance human rights.  It was first founded in 1921 in California.  Since 2010 the Fremantle branch of Soroptimist International (who formed in 1953) has focussed on improving the lives of the homeless.

Who will benefit from this auction?

1. Fremantle Street Doctor   Doctors in mobile clinics (fitted out vans) serve the physical and mental needs of homeless, at-risk, marginalised people with low or no income, substance abuse and those with diagnosed and undiagnosed mental…

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  1. Thank you, Donna, for choosing my art work in particular, and the auction in general, to include in this very worthwhile blog of yours. I feel honoured.

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