Blog Plan Stage 2

100_0295My internship in Key West has ended. I will be updating the blog with my findings on entrepreneurial homeless solutions, an interview with a homeless woman we will call, Bella, and some other information I have gathered in the previous 9 weeks. thanks to all who have contributed and commented.

Following these postings, a new phase will begin. I have been hired by my internship site, St. Mary’s Star of the Sea Outreach Foundation to be their new Director of Sustainability and Volunteer Programs. I will be returning to Key West to begin work late in July. This will place me at a good vantage point to continue my study on homeless solutions.

The plan for this stage of the blog will include more interviews, insights and contributions from homeless communities near and far. The inclusion of other parts of my research will also be added to the blog.My focus will move to a more thorough examination of  the national homeless crisis. My search for solutions will not subside until homelessness is ended.

Good day and Good night. Rest well and dream of many solutions. -Love from Donna


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