This blog is called NYC on the Streets. They offer a report about the increase in homeless people in New York City as a result of Hurricane Sandy. This article suggests a lack of affordable housing as a major cause of homelessness stating a rise in the average rent payment.

It continues by discussing the criminalization of homelessness as a greater expense than the price of housing people.-Donna Reeves

NYC on the Streets

Hurricane Sandy left many of its victims without a home, allowing an opportunity for the media to shed a light on New York City’s current lack of affordable housing and growing homeless population. The National Association of Realtors reported in January of this year that the nation’s average rent has gone up by almost 4% in a single year. New Yorkers are heavily affected by these changes, making it highly unlikely to find an affordable home in a safe community. The homeless population of New York City is rising at a fast pace with shelters housing 43,000 individuals on a single night, the worst case of homelessness since the great depression of the 1930’s. An increase in homeless individuals means a decrease in homes, in this case caused by cut government spending.

“The government rushed to help victims of Hurricane Sandy because they were so clearly marked as victims of…

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